The Rolling Wheel 4-20-11

Guests:   Special Guest Bill Ewing and his wife Diane, Brandon Daniel and speaker Chris Able.


April 26 at SCHS Rotary Scholarship interviews.• April 27th is our “Joke-a-Thon” so start collecting your favorite jokes to share with us.

• May 4th the GSE Team from the Netherlands  will have a dinner meeting with our Club and Sunrise  – there will be no lunch meeting that day.

• Peter Rock asked for volunteers for the Cinco de Mayo festival at Maxberg Park on May 7th from 12-6 p.m.  This is to work the beer booth – all proceeds are returned to our club!

• June 4th is our “Swing Dance by the Sea”.  John Ezell is looking for sponsors if you have any recommendations.

Today we had the honor of inducting a new member,  William (Bill) Ewing  –classification: Human Resources Consulting.  Denny Lindeman did a great job, with Diane pinning Bill.  Welcome to our club!

Guest Speaker:  Today Chris Able from SONGS San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station spoke to us today.   His talk was very timely and informative after Japan’s earthquake and tsunami.Some facts that Chris shared:   Our electric energy comes from:  78% SCE, 20% SDG&E and 2% from Riverside.There is a 50,000 square mile service area12,000 miles of transmission circuits42 years of safe, reliable, cost-effective, generation, 24/7 with virtually no emissions vs. 100,000 metric tons of smogproducing pollutants from coal, gas and oil180 million metric tons of carbon emissions from fossil fuelThey pay approximately $6 million annually in property taxes that support local servicesEmploy 2,000 high-paid skilled workersOnly two reactors are permitted per state – partially due to lack of location to dispose of spent fuel.Chris went into the technical information of safety in case we experience by a large earthquake.  The facility is surrounded by a 30 foot sea wall, with the buildings 20 feet above that.  He reviewed all the scientific testing and preparation to keep the facility safe.  Another part of safety are the highly skilled security, not to mention the protection of Camp Pendleton.  Wonderful presentation.  To contact Chris: 949-368-3319