The Rolling Wheel 3-9-11

Guests:  Bonnie (one of Fergie’s favorite daughters) and Special Guest Bill Ewing.


From Paul:

I am saddened to report that our brother in Rotary Pete Woll passed away last evening.  I do not have details except that it sounds like he passed peacefully.  When we learn more we will let you all know.

  • Tyler told us about his President Elect Training Seminar (PETS).  Next year’s theme is: “Reach within to Embrace Humanity”.  Their goal is to promote Rotary to younger people and bring them in as members of our clubs.  We want to give them something to do that relates to them; bring them balance between hands-on and giving service.  Also, Tyler WILL be delegating everyone in the club to somehow participate depending on their level of availability and physical capabilities.
  • Bob Burns reminded us of the following:
  1. Stars of Tomorrow: tomorrow (see attachment)
  2. Dancing for a Cause: March 25th (See attachment)
  3. Group Study Exchange GSE May 3 – 8(See attachment). Peter still needs placement for two of the visitors.  This entails a place to sleep, breakfast and a ride in the morning for their excursion.  Please call Peter if you can help out.  Thank you to the other person that has graciously volunteered their home.
  4. St. Patrick’s Day Party – Fundraiser at Wendy’s (See attachment)

Guest Speaker: well, today it was me (Leslie Mowers) Crime Prevention Specialist with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department talking about Senior Scams.  Three senior scams we talked about were the “Granny”, “Lottery” and “Hit man” scheme.  Five Rotarians talked of stories where they were victims of the “Granny” scheme.  Although this has been around for several years – people still fall victim.  My advice, if it seems fishy it is probably stinks.   J  Protect your family and tell them to run things by you if it does not sound right or is “too good to be true.”  If someone calls saying they are your grandchild in trouble asking for money, ask their last name or something significant the crook would not possibly know.  Any doubts, call the police to answer your concerns.  I attached a form with information on Identity Theft and how to get a free yearly credit report.

Speakers:  March 23rd:  Next week’s speaker will be Fred Swegles talking about our sister city.

April 27th we will hold a “Joke-a-thon”…find those jokes you have always wanted to share!

Leslie Mowers