Rolling Wheel 3-23-11

Gifts for next week provided by Dean Papas, Abner Polanco and Bill Ray

Guests: Rotarian Dave Halm, Hildogard Boursein visiting Rotarian from Berlin, Germany; former member Kim Forsyth, Ed Ferguson (Fergie’s favorite son), Assistant Governor Linda Hess, and Guest Speakers Cassandra Tombes and Jay Anderson.


Announcements: Bob Burns talked about “Dancing for a Cause”.  I think I heard Bob danced his feet off and it was well worth it…please do tell Bob.

  • Next weekend the mayor of Santa Caterina will be visiting San Clemente. Friday we will arrange a lunch or dinner with them.
  • Next week our speaker will be the District Attorney and a Deputy DA.
  • You can make a donation for Japan relief through the District’s website:
  • Lee mentioned that we are talking to Hurley to be a sponsor at our summer fundraiser.  More to follow on that.


Guest speaker: Jay Anderson spoke about and represents “Operation Home Front” which helps military families with financial, moral and emergency needs.  Here is some information off their website:


MISSION: Operation Homefront (OH) provides emergency financial and other assistance to the families of our service members and wounded warriors.
ACCOMPLISHMENTS: In 2010, we met 167,795 needs for military families, including active duty, Guard and Reserve members from all branches of service. Since its inception, Operation Homefront has provided more than $92 million dollars of funding to programs to benefit military families.

KEY SERVICES: Operation Homefront provides direct services to alleviate a military family’s or individual’s actual/complete emergency financial burden, as well as counseling and/or recovery support. Emergency financial assistance is in the form of checks paid directly to mortgage lenders, auto mechanics, contractors, hospitals, doctors, dentists and other providers. Other emergency funding assistance, which an applicant receives within 24 to 72 hours, includes the following:

  • Financial assistance
  • Emergency food
  • Emergency home repairs
  • Critical baby items: formula, food and diapers
  • Home and appliance repair
  • Furniture and household items
  • Local moving assistance
  • Community events
  • Wounded Warrior Transitional Family Housing

BACKGROUND: A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Operation Homefront was formed in February 2002. It was developed to support the families of deployed service members immediately following 9/11. Operation Homefront is headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, and has evolved into a major nonprofit. The organization currently provides services to military families across the nation with 23 chapters serving 32 states. The national office handles cases in states that do not have their own chapters. The majority of our clients – 75 percent – are the lowest-paid service members, the E-1 through E-6 enlisted ranks.
The target population is American military personnel and/or their families who have unmet needs due to financial hardship, death, injury, or physical or mental detriment as a result of service in Iraq or Afghanistan. These may include active duty, Reserve, National Guard and veteran service members. They are a diverse ethnic group (64 percent are minorities): approximately 20 percent are African-American; 5 percent Asian-American; 34 percent Hispanic/Latino; 5 percent Native American; and 36 percent Caucasian. Roughly 75 percent live at an income level 80 percent below the median income for the communities in which they reside.