Charitable Giving


This past year, our Rotary Club and the San Clemente Rotary Foundation donated more than $100,000 to a variety of charities and community activities. The organizations which receive these donation are many and varied and  include:

Youth Oriented

Boys and Girls Club                                                  YMCA

San Clemente High Wrestling Tournament         CSP Juvenile Diversion Program

Pyles Boys Camp                                                      Junior Achievement

Boys Scouts, Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts                    Little League

High School Scholarships                                        Reading by Nine (book) Program

Community Oriented

South Orange Country Senior Services               Vocational Visions

Family Assistance Ministries                               Laura’s House

Mary Erickson Community Housing                   Toby’s House

Saddleback Memorial Hospital, San Clemente Campus


The club also directs funds and volunteer effort to various
international projects.  During the past decade, the club has
provided medical equipment and supplies to communities
in Argentina, books to Thailand,  and money and hands-on
support to orthopedic medical teams in Guatemala. In the
last few years, the club has organized and sponsored health
care clinics in rural areas of  Guatemala and is currently
directing efforts to build a permanent dental clinic in the 
village  of Santa  Catalina Mita in south western Guatemala.