Rolling Wheel 2-23-11

Gifts for next week provided by:  I missed the names:  next 3 after Kensler.  Kilty, King and?

Guests: Chief of Police, Lt. Paul D’Auria, Dane Woll (Pete’s son) and visiting Rotarian from Tucson, AZ.

Announcements: Bob Burns talked about the upcoming “Dance for a Cause”. It sounds like a great evening: food, entertainment,

fellowship and later free dancing. They are putting together a silent auction if you know of anyone that would donate a nice gift or time at a condo. I believe John Ezell was elected to be in charge of the auction. There is also a matching fund with available $2,000 so donations also accepted. Contact Bob for further information.

  • Lee talked about the Cinco de Mayo celebration. We will again be I charge of the beer booth. More to follow on that.
  • Dan Woll told us his dad is doing much better. In very good spirits – just need to work on getting the body to cooperate in the healing process. Pete sends heartfelt thanks to all the Rotarians that visited him and sent him well wishes.
  • Peter said the next visiting GSE Team are visiting from District 1590 in the Netherlands. They will send four professionals and a leader. Housing will be needed during that time if you know of anyone that can help out.
  • Board meeting on Monday 4:30 p.m. at Irons.
  • Denny Lindeman reviewed the visit to the YMCA on Camp Pendleton. They have eight child care centers and a recreation center. These are in-housing centers, so most of the participants

can walk to the facilities. Another very worthy non-profit that works with kids.

Guest Speaker: Today Lt. Paul D’Auria talked to us about San Clemente Police Services. Paul talked about the main crime occurring in San Clemente are thefts of opportunity. He cannot stress enough how important it is to lock up your car and house when you are not there. Out of 136 residential burglaries last year, only 40 of them were forced entries such as a window smash or door pry. The remaining crimes were made easy by victims leaving their garage door wide open, or unlocked cars with laptop, GPS, purses on the front seat in plain view. “Lock it or Lose It” is a friendly warning that we are trying to get out to people.

Paul also brought us up on many of the controversial topics going on in the city. Some of these topics:

Gang Injunction, moving the police facility, unwanted solicitors, the police blotter, and complaints against deputies. Paul indicated that all complaints go directly through him and many go to the Office of Independent Review. There were many great questions presented and reviewed.


Next week our speaker will be Principal George Duarte from San Clemente High School.


Rolling Wheel 2-16-11

Guests:  Ron and Margaret Redmond, Bill Ewing, Rick and Sylvia Nicol, Visiting Rotarian Mark Johnson from Fremont Nebraska and Bernie Rosco from Aitkin Minnesota and all the wonderful significant others.  Vocal singers:  Sam Brown, Collin Conway, Emma Hutchinson, Maya Erickson, Scott Pennington, Austin Holden, Abigail Schwartz and Hanna Schwartz.

Gifts for next week provided by:  Bettie Johnson, Tyler Johnson and Bob Kensler

  • Announcements: Several from President Paul:
  • District Assembly March 5, 2011 at Chapman College
  • RYLA May 13-15, 2011.  Info:
  • Rotary International Convention in New Orleans!  May 21- 21, 2011
  • 2011 District 5230 Conference  April 28 – May 1, 2011 at the Hilton Irvine / OC Airport. 18800 MacArthur Blvd., Irvine   Many great speakers for the sessions.  Special Rotarian rate at the Hilton for rooms if booked on-line at $89.
  • Information for On-line APF Contributions for double recognition by an individual member on February 23rd…Rotary birthday.  Other questions to go:
  • Mayor’s Breakfast:  Tuesday, March 1st at 7:30 in the Community Center.  Bettie has a table reserved – if you would like to go, contact Bettie ASAP. Tickets $20.

Vocal Contest: If you didn’t come to this meeting, you really missed out on some unbelievable students and singers.   They gave us all chills and warm fuzzies at the same time.  They sang combinations of Classical and Musical songs.  Some were return singers and others new to the competition.

Our first place winner was Emma Hutchinson who sang a classical piece for us.  Second place went to Scott Pennington singing from the musical, Fiddler on the Roof.  The decision was extremely difficult for the judges – the kids were all so good.   As we waited for the decision, last year’s winner Hannah Schwartz sang some beautiful pieces for us.  Thank you judges for a job well done!   And Bob, great job, as always.   Did I hear a comment about “Bob and the Bobettes?

Speaker next week,

Chief of Police Paul D-Auria


Leslie Mowers


Rolling Wheel 2-9-11

Guests:  From the Sunrise Club:  Mervyn Lawrie and Matt Gregory, Sandy Feicht, Ed Chesley, Lia Ladas, student of the month: Dakota Day and his wrestling coach: Mark Calentino.

Gifts for next week provided by:  Eric Hedborg, Paul Henry and Doug Hughes 

  • Announcements: Paul presented John Minnott with a well-earned plaque as he moves to becoming an Honorary Member.  John, we appreciate all your hard work, and hopefully we will see you often.  Thank you


  • Pete Woll is now in re-hab in Capo Beach.  He would love your phone calls:  496-5786.
  • Saturday, March 12th is the District Assembly: “You are the Heart of Rotary”.
  • April 29-May 1st. is the District Conference at the Irvine Hilton.
  • Sunrise Rotarians announced an upcoming fundraiser, “Dancing for a Cause”.  There will be one dancer from each organization involved.  Bob Burns is our star.  Each organization is raising money for their own club.  $85 is for the dinner and dance entertainment at the Casino, starting at 6 p.m. Other groups:  Sunrise Club, Laura’s House, SC Parks n Recreation and Fullerton Rotarac.
  • Remember, this Wednesday is our Valentine Party with the vocal contest.  If you have not notified Bettie that you will be there, call her now!
  • Student of the Month: Dakota Day.  The wrestling team has 11 wins/1 loss.  There are 13 students on the team, 12 have qualified for the C.I.F. championship.  Dakota is a senior on the wrestling team and an Eagle Scout.  Dakota participates in Ironman competitions, and is planning on attending B.Y.U in Idaho.  Another wonderful, deserving student.


Guest Speaker: Lia Lada, is a teacher and librarian with 15 years in the education field.  Lia talked to us about the Library Team Globally: The Meaning in Your Life – and Sharing that Power.  She talked about visits countries to start libraries to get kids reading books.   She shared with us her trip to Africa, talking on the topics of:

  • Meaningful experiences
  • Emotions it evoked
  • Opportunity for learning
  • Actions the experienced created.
  • February 16 Valentine’s Lunch and Vocal Competition

Very interesting talk!  Further information: American Friend of Kenya, or



Rolling Wheel 2-2-11

Guests:  We had a walk-in visiting Rotarian from Nebraska: Mark Johnson.

Gifts for next week provided by:  Fergie, Bill Fyock and Bob Hayden

  • Announcements: Pete Woll was in the hospital – I have not heard if he is out yet.
  • Ed Whiffen’s significant other, Betty Overton passed away last weekend. There will be a memorial service and open house on Saturday, the 12th at 1 p.m.  Please send thoughts and prayers to their family.
  • Paul Henry is organizing a group to clean out the storage unit at the end of the month.  He is also looking for a 4-drawer file cabinet if anyone has one to donate.  Please contact Paul on these points.
  • Bettie passed around the sign-up sheet for our Valentine’s Lunch and Vocal Contest on February the 16th.  Be sure you sign up.  If you pay quarterly, your lunch is free. All others pay $20. for the lunch.
  • Club Assembly: Lee VanSlyke reviewed membership.  We are still driven to find new, qualified members.  At this time there are 12 approved Special Guests.  Also, point of order, there is no longer an “Active Class”, only Regular and Honorary.  If your badge says anything other than these two classes, contact Bettie and she will order you a new badge.   (We do have a couple Visiting Rotarians: Fred, and Bill Arnold.)
  • Lengthy discussion on our club becoming 100% PH and loaning points.  Any questions, contact the Board.
  • Tony reviewed Club Service.   Tony also mentioned about donating to the Red Cross (blood that is…)  They are very low.  Call:  452-3158 in Laguna Hills.
  • Wendy reviewed Club Service.  She sent out an e-mail for the next charity visit with George Brown at the Armed Forces YMCA. Because of schedules, the best day for us was Monday February 14th at 10AM.   Contact Wendy if you would like to attend.   Wendy will keep track of fines and proposed donations so we can track your total for the year.
  • John Ezell mentioned that for our Swing Night fundraiser the band is officially booked.
  • Olga did a quick review of the finances.  The credit card is paid off (great job to Olga and I believe Klaus.)  We need everyone to pay up as soon as possible on the dues and lunch bill.


For the next few weeks, our speakers lined up are:


February 9: Lia Ladas, Africa, Making Meaning of our Experiences

February 16  Valentine’s Lunch and Vocal Competition

February 23  Paul D’Auria, San Clemente Chief of Police

March 2        George Duarte, San Clemente High School


So there you have it for the next month.  Please make every effort to be at the meeting for networking, fellowship and to hear a great speaker.


Leslie Mowers