The Rolling Wheel 4-6-11

Next week gifts: Sam Salkin, Klaus Schadow    and Dave Stepek.

Guests:  Special Guest Bill Ewing.


Announcement: Tyler brought us up to date on how our club is electronically accessible.  We are now available on our webpage at: We have a beautiful webpage.  Tyler, thank you for all your hard work on setting this up for our club!

Tyler also has us on a Twitter feed and Facebook.


Dick McArthy was our Fine Master today – and he did a fine job at raising money for our club.  I think he got everyone’s attention with the Rotary mallet!


Guest speaker: Our own Mayor, Lori Donchak helped us out by filling in today as our speaker. In June Lori will give her State of the City talk.

The topics she covered for us today were:

  • Water conservation
  • Beach trail debris from the storms
  • San Replenishment
  • Pico roadwork
  • Miramra Theater
  • North Beach
  • SONGS in comparison to Japan’s earthquake

Thanks Lori for stepping up to the plate on the last minute need.

Joke-a-Thon: Bob Hayden and Peter Rock told a couple of jokes for us in preparation for our Joke-a-Thon.  Thanks boys.

This week’s featured Rotarians are (left to right):

Tony Rodriguez, Ron Trosper and Mark Taylor.

Next week’s speaker is

Dick Veal – an organ transplant recipient

who will talk about his experiences.


In two weeks a representative from SONGs will be our speaker.